Management Team

To progress ESG concept into our
business mission to achieve sustainability

The new management building was complete in 2021. It's a new multi-functional management building designed for closer collaboration between departments. It will increase our team's efficiency and enhance the company's team spirit. At the same time, as a member of the global village, we are gradually moving towards a green enterprise and fulfilling our social responsibility. For example, we are progressively adding pollution prevention equipment to our factory to reduce the damage to the earth and the environment.

In recent years, our goal is to progress ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) concept into our business mission to achieve the vision of sustainable operation. Seeing the extreme changes in the world environment, We John Valve in Taiwan can't stand aside. Enterprises must share responsibility and contribute to the world. There are concrete actions from the company management, corporate commitment, social care, environmental sustainability, and responsible investing. The company can make profits and achieve sustainable operations, and the global environment can also be sustainable.

Whether it is the finance department, purchasing department, accounting department, or production management department, we are a very experienced management team. Every team leader and staff member has completed the ISO-9001 Quality Assurance Train Program. In addition, training sessions are carried out regularly to ensure that the best practices and the highest standards are maintained.

We are passionate about serving our customers worldwide. The relationship with our customers is one of the best ways to support each other growth in the markets. These results show excellent quality, stable factory production, cost control, accurate production plan, punctual delivery, deepening the mutual benefit cooperation with our clients. John Valve is a trustworthy, dedicated, efficient team to serve all our customers.

Research and development

We determine to produce valves of the
highest quality specification.

Advanced science and technology is the guarantee for John-Valve to establish a strong market. We determine to produce valves of the highest quality specification. John-Valve prides itself on its attention to innovation and meeting and exceeding customers' requirements. Our Research and Development dept can design and transfer every customer's drawing to be manufactured according to its unique specification. Solidworks and AutoCAD are used to design and develop products, and both 2D and 3D graphics are available. Our engineer team has project experience and knowledge of different standards and specifications worldwide. Products designed and manufactured according to EU European standards, DIN, BS, ANSI, ASTM, JIS, Australian standards, and customized design are welcome.

John Valve believes the only way to satisfy our customers is to continuously innovate new products with research and development and increase our customer service to the top premium level. To be professional at making industrial valves, the company has trained our staff extensively to be knowledgeable in technical aspects of valves. Our new development product is the Cryogenic Valve series, designed to serve in an extremely low-temperature environment, with unique coating technology and special material suitable for the -196 Celsius degree. We have worked hard to create valve markets by meeting customers' demands and constantly advancing our knowledge on valves. For us, the function of valves is not only an on and off switch but also provides creativity in the process of delicate design and value-added. The method of our John Valve label products has proved to be highly marketable and structurally durable.

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