Special Application

 John Valve can offer in the +350C high-temperature application and serve in the low-temperature working condition to -196C for cryogenic service in the semiconductor and the pure water system.

 The new cryogenic valves series are also BS 6364 Cryogenic Test Certified, suitable for use in gaseous or liquid (-196°C) industries of steel, semiconductor, beverage, frozen food, and pharmaceutical or biotech.

We have various seat material options, such as Peek Seats, Softs seats, Metal seats, Cavity-filled type seats. Please consult with the JV sales engineer team for a suitable solution.

Furthermore, we cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturer of paints, coatings, and powder coatings to offer reliable and durable painting systems to each vital project, with the value-added C3.C4.C5.CX  painting on our valves provides corrosion protection in various environments and meets the diverse specialized needs for tough, resilient, abrasion-resistant coating in different segments.

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