GM’s motto:

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

The founder of the company

The founder of the company, Mr. John Wu, is very low-key, but his love and commitment to valves have always adhered to ideals and professionalism.

His business spirit is [honesty and dedication] and Caring for employees.
At the end of each year, he will talk to every employee to encourage them to have strength and faith, to perform better in the coming year. This is really a model of a caring Christian entrepreneur.

Every morning, he has half an hour of spiritual practice. He will read God's word - the Bible, meditate on God's word, and pray for relatives, colleagues, countries, cities and churches. This is the fountain of his daily strength.

What impact does Christian faith have on his work and life: The main secret of his work in the past 40 years is a state of mind - to be a good steward of God all his life.

Our Vision & philosophy

"Jesus Christ is The Lord."

Imagine what the Lord Jesus Christ would do if he ran a business today.

John Valve's corporate culture and spirit are:

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First, Implement the business principles and concepts of Honesty, Fairness and Righteousness.

Treat our customers as good friends, product quality must reach the best top level, and always check deliver punctuality and quality control for our customers. Disclose profit information to employees; Senior managers hold monthly management business performance meetings and review the appropriateness of employees' salaries and benefits

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Second, Focus on the international market, establish a professional, responsible, dedicated well-service team

John valve adheres to the highest quality and professional service, adheres to the belief of 100% development and export. Thank Lord, He led John Valve to expand the international market exported to over 80 countries and establish a strict and professional quality control team.

John Valve actively develops the sales network and distribution and projects worldwide. We have professional R&D and design department, factory In-house professional computer precision processing department, a warehouse management system and personnel with sufficient inventory, excellent supervisors of professional procurement and production management, senior supervisors in charge of Finance and personnel.

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Third, Listen to the voices of employees, conscientiously take care of employees, have excellent salary and welfare system

John Valve shares the market results with its employees. And holds domestic and abroad company tours every year. What's more, there are staff restaurants, gym, hiking club, bicycle club, art enthusiast club, language club, and regular salary increases for employees every year. Furthermore, with employees’ family visits and caring allow John Valve to create a warm and harmonious feeling of a big family.

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Fourth, The establishment of professional valve knowledge technology teaching and evaluation

The company has a valve professional examination system twice a year. At the morning meeting every day, the senior management encourages the colleagues of the sales department to select markets, customers, products more accurately, and to have more proposal and cooperation chance with customers. We are encouraged to actively establish serve in international projects and cooperative agency contracts with global agents

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