Working together with our customers, we find solutions that meet international standards.

We collaborate with mining companies to anticipate changes in the industry and provide solutions that could be critical to our customers' success today and in the future.

Despite being a traditional industry, mining also has to face ever-changing environmental challenges. Therefore, sustainable mine management and lower energy consumption are important issues that the sector must respect.

John Valve provides products and services to ensure that the mining field and the environment around it are safe and secure.

John Valve has a broad range of energy-efficient, compact, easy-to-maintain valves in various mineral processing applications. There's a complete range of options in terms of size, pressure, and gasket material.

John Valve serves metal-seated ball valves and forged high-pressure valves in the complete product range. For years, we have proven ourselves in the mining industry's applications, especially in the South American markets.

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