Machine Plant

We have over 30 years of experience with customized parts and customer satisfaction worldwide.

John-Valve products designed and manufactured according to EU European standards, DIN, BS, ANSI, ASTM, JIS, Australian standards, and customized design are welcome. Our products are managed strictly according to the quality assurance system. Strict quality control and strict adherence to the specified processes guarantee that we only produce parts of the highest quality.

Our in-house machining plant has its own machining facilities, including Machine Centers and CNC Lathe Machines for extra routing and machining, which highly trained certified employees to operate.

And 3D coordinate machine- during processing quality control plan for machining precision. Fine machined surface roughness test according to customers’ requests.

Two shifts per day system give a high output, allows machining of different product lines of custom parts for various customers and markets, and ensures punctual delivery.

Meanwhile, we also have complete sets of Ball Machines dedicated to machining stainless steel and special alloy Balls to serve the company’s production and also supply to overseas valve manufacturers. These are produced to very exact tolerances in accordance with the customer’s drawings and dimensions.

Production Department

we are progressing to a higher level with
value-added on our product line.

We have valve Auto-Assembling Machines and various professional tools to assemble valves and test the finished products in accordance with international standards.

According to EN 12266-1 & API 598 request, 100% of the Air & Hydrostatic pressure testing before shipment. In addition, constant visual inspection by the trained operators helps to maintain very high-quality standards.

Painting System & DFT Inspection

Moreover, we are progressing to a higher level with value-added on our product line.

Value-added ISO 12944:C3.C4.C5.CX Painting system cooperates with the world's leading paints group to provide corrosion protection for tough, resilient, abrasion-resistant coating in different segments.

Silicone Free & For Pure Oxygen Service

Our products can also be silicone-free from oil and grease. ( service upon request )
We have a strict process. Products are cleaned with degreasing and are inspected for oil residue.
These products are suitable for usage in the food & beverage, biochemical, pharmaceutical, marine & offshore industries.

Production Line Procedures

Design and Sketch drawing

Design and Sketch drawing

CNC Lathe Machining

Inspecting each machined piece precisely with 3DCoordinate Machine

Auto-Assembling include 100%
6 bar Air Testing

Auto-Assembling include 100%
6 bar Air Testing

100% Hydrostatic Testing

100% Hydrostatic Testing

Dimensional Inspection

Torque Inspection


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