Sustainability CSR

JV Sustainability CSR


John valve cooperates with global customers & reliable partners. It makes every effort to establish a good relationship with our mother nature.

As a responsible company, we must operate in a more considerate and respectful way to our environment. JOHN VALVE plant a lot of green and fruit trees on its' ground. The landscape architecture with Japanese-style garden, fish pond and parking lot, flowers, and green grass in its' factory site.

We implement an environmental management system ISO 14001 & ROHS & REACH, beautifying the environment by growing greens, furthermore, conserving and saving resources in the workplace. Pollution emissions also comply with regulations and are strictly controlled within qualified data to protect the health and safety of employees and the surrounding environment.

Together, we believe we can make our one and only Earth healthier and a better place for our next generation.

JV Sustainability CSR


Keep our promise. Ensure quality & delivery. Fulfilling our commitment to customers is John Valve's responsibility.

Attach great importance to product quality and delivery time

Quality control is rigorous in John Valve. Products have 100% test-approved qualification and traceability. Also, cooperate with internationally certified third-party audit units to achieve quality assurance goals. At the same time, to meet the customer's delivery time, John Valve prepares plenty of inventory to ensure that customers' urgent needs are delivered on time.

Attach great importance to the health, safety, and growth of employees.

John Valve has set up an employee welfare committee. Every month, the company allocates benefits for all our colleagues. Domestic and abroad company tour is held every year. We have an employee restaurant and gym. The company has various community activities, like hiking club, bicycle club, art enthusiast club, and language club to spice up colleagues' body, mind, and spirit. There are also employee health checks to care about the health of colleagues. Arrange professional external training courses to enhance the development and growth of colleagues.

JV Sustainability CSR

Charity & Donation

John Valve is engaged in public welfare activities through the care-service system of Wujih Presbyterian Church.
In addition to a regular dedication to the church every year, we participate in the Wujih Presbyterian Church, care for social welfare groups, and cooperate for:

Foodbank, set up a refrigerator in the community, provide friends in need in the community to use it , avoid too much food waste, promote a friendly community atmosphere with self-help and mutual assistance, and share a common good, and call on the community to jointly contribute to the sustainable development of this land, in line with the SDG target of sustainable development to eliminate hunger.

Working with the Foundation cares for vulnerable children from marginalized families such as bereavement and behavioral deviations. Let the body, mind, and spirit of children from disadvantaged families get feeding and care and love. As a result, parents have no worries, work at ease, and improve the family economy and quality of life.

Set up after-school tutoring classes for vulnerable families in cooperation with Wujih Presbyterian Church. At present, several children from special families have been subjected to domestic violence or grown up in an environment of inappropriate teaching and lack of care. Through the ministry of church classes, although these children are still facing family difficulties, the difference is that the Wujih Church cares for them with the love of Jesus Christ, lights up the hope in their lives, and holds hands to accompany them to grow up.

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